The Art Of Creativity

The Art Of Creativity

Studies have shown that exposure to art can affect all aspects of learning. It is a great way to record the development of a child. It can allow expression of ideas in ways that words cannot, verbally or in written form. Definition of art can be expanded into much more than just painting and drawing. It is found in cooking, music, drama and theatre and many other aspects as well. 

Art is a way to get imagination out of a child. In today’s world with the advancement of technology, a toddler is able to operate an iPad or a tablet as they are introduced to these gadgets very early on in life. This may hinder their imagination and creating art should become a daily routine in order for them to reignite that imagination. They are required to make choices in this creative process such as what colours to use, what to draw, how to start it and when to finish, what size to make it or how to get that exact shape. Art classes for teens may be helpful; the interaction with teachers may help them to make these decisions better and positive reinforcement by them might encourage the kids to do more. 

There are certain steps that adults can take to encourage creativity in their children at home. Putting together an art studio at home where you have paper, drawing books, watercolours, brushes, pastels, markers, crayons and glue so that the child can get them out and put together something creative at any time. Reading bed time stories can become more interesting if you narrate those using props and costumes and encourage the children to take part in these skits or make their own stories. Creating a scrapbook together with your children where you fill the books with photos, drawings and captions could be a fun and interesting family activity. 

The most important part in trying to encourage creativity in your children is your level of interest. If you are a creative person then this would not be a problem but if you are not, there is no harm in going for an art workshop for adults to get your creative juices flowing. It is said that the insensible mind is far more suitable to imaginative insight than the sensible mind. And making art may bring out this hidden creativity out of you. It will help you to express your ideas and emotions and to become more self-aware. You will not only help your children but yourselves as well. Check out more here

Creativity takes root in childhood. As children grow, the psychological pressures supress this creativity, therefore parents must take measures to encourage the supressed creativity in children. 

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